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Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9

Few things can put a smile on your mom's face as fast as a thoughtful bouquet of flowers. Let's face it, the sweet fresh scent of spring's lilacs combined with the sophisticated aroma of the rose is at the top of every mother's list; perhaps that's why Mother's Day falls right in the middle of spring when the world is abloom with a splendid palette of petals.


Mother's Day Flower Delivery


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The History of Honoring Mom

Although the specific dates may differ, mothers are honored on their own special day all across the world over. In the United States, the tradition of honor is held on the second Sunday in May. Mark your calendar and take a moment to make your mom feel special. If you are in need of guidance, our designers will be happy to listen to your ideas and offer suggestions.


Why shouldn't carnations enjoy their moment basking in this newfound appreciation for their delicate lacy petals? The Greeks recognized the carnation's beauty and formally named the bloom dianthus or heavenly flower.

An appropriate nod to your mom's gentleness of spirit might include a bouquet that combines pink tulips and roses, is highlighted by white hydrangeas, and contrasted with the depth of green dianthus. A sprinkling of hypericum adds texture and tonal variation. Amazing Flowers of Miami celebrates Mother's Day with a variety of feminine options.

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The elegant, fragrant beauty of the rose makes it an appropriate choice for so many occasions, including Mother's Day. Its roots of nobility date back to the ancient Egyptians and their belief that roses personified Isis, who was the ideal mother.

Roses are also one of the most versatile flowers to include in a bouquet because of their range of colors. If you are a husband who wants to honor your wife, the mother of your children, an appropriate combination might include red and pink roses to characterize the passion and happiness she continues to add to your life.

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Tulips' grace and elegance seem to epitomize spring. They are also among some of the earlier blooms of the growing season, which makes them a perfect symbol of new life. As such, it's a wonderful choice for a new mother. On the other hand, tulips may be a personal favorite of your mother's, in which case a full array of this stately stem's colorful offerings would be a much welcome treat.

Pink tulips, for instance, are associated with caring attachment and good wishes. White is indicative of respect. Add some yellow tulips in with your Mother's Day bouquet to symbolize cheerful thoughts.

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The Greek goddess Iris, who was the messenger of the gods and a link between heaven and earth, was summoned through the planting of purple irises. The purple iris has evolved to represent royalty and is France's national symbol as the fleur-de-lis.

It is a stately bloom and admired for its depth of color as well as for its elegant stature. If you want to honor your mother with a bouquet of purple irises, it is an absolutely appropriate choice in that they're representative of wisdom, courage, faith, and admiration.

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Your Local Florist Can Help

It's important to get your Mother's Day bouquet just right. Even though a mother's love is unconditional, we want to reciprocate that care and love she's shown us by making a thoughtful choice. Our florists are experts at listening and making the connection to create an outstanding floral display.

Call (305) 787-0700 for deliveries along Surfside and the Sunny Isles, and from Aventura to Fort Lauderdale. We are happy to bring a smile to our neighbors in Boca Raton and Hollywood. Any spot in the Miami area of Southern Florida is within our reach.