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Flower Delivery for Valentine's Day


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Sunday, February 14

No other flower-giving event is steeped with so much significance as that of Valentine's Day. Yes, there's no need to feel pressured to send only traditional red roses. While roses are, of course, spectacular and the number one choice for the language of love, you have many options to include in your Valentine's bouquet. So, mix it up a little this year and really surprise her with a breathtaking display.


Send Her the Very Best

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At Amazing Flowers Miami, we pride ourselves on creating unique arrangements that include the freshest flowers. Interspersed among the hydrangeas and roses, for instance, you'll see added layers that create another element of texture.


Since these aromatic beauties are by far the most popular choice for expressing your love, it's only fitting that we begin the bouquet's journey here. Red symbolizes passion, but red roses also represent a deep and enduring love.

Why not combine pink roses in with your collection to add a soft and poetic sentiment for your paramour. If your special love has a style that's all her own, show her you appreciate her energy with orange roses. They are elegant, passionate, and oh so enthusiastic.


According to legend, the Greeks were so enamored of these stately white blooms that they believed them to have come from the milk of Hera, the queen of the gods. The oriental Casa Blanca Lily denotes "beauty, class, and style," and they are welcomed in arrangements not only for their distinct fragrance but also for their sophistication.

Lilies are not limited to white. An addition of yellow to your display is indicative of enjoyment and thankfulness. While orange signifies confidence and prosperity. Add a touch of pink with the mix to denote wealth and abundance.

Gerbera Daisies

These delightful blooms are aptly associated with cheerfulness and innocence. With such an extraordinary assortment of sun-welcoming colors on the palette, it can be quite difficult to narrow the choices down to one or two. A variety featuring their many vibrant shades is a welcome addition to brighten that special someone's day.

Seeing as it is Valentine's Day, why not select our elegant arrangement of red gerberas, red tulips, and pink hydrangeas arranged in a low mercury glass fishbowl vase. No need to worry about leaving out a special message if you're ordering online. There's a place for you to type your personal sentiment.


The striking presence of the iris creates a vision of beauty and uniqueness. Given as gifts, these regal blooms signify a depth of feeling for the recipient. Purple is symbolic of royalty, but it's also a complimentary signpost for wisdom.

Where a yellow rose is a sign of friendship, the yellow iris designates passion. Yellow in this species is highly regarded as a representation of eloquence. Request a special Valentine mix from Amazing Flowers Miami that includes red tulips, yellow daisies or gerberas, and purple irises. That's a standout show of affection.


Tulips are the understated front runner for the Valentine bouquet. They are every bit as elegant as the rose and represent perfect love. Like roses, tulips are offered in a variety of hues. Try combining some lavender tulips with your loving presentation this year. Purple is, after all, the color of royalty. Treat her like a queen on a more affordable budget.


The Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas is a welcome addition to most arrangements because of its full multiple blooms that can last up to two weeks. Their subtle coloring adds interest and tonal variation with its assortment of lavenders, reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows.  The alstroemeria represents devotion and friendship.


A carnation by any other name wouldn't be a Dianthus, and the genus name for this 2,000-year-old flower comes from the Greek word meaning "flower of the gods." This ruffled bloom, symbolic of love and power, is indeed enjoying a renaissance. The lush carpet of blooms is well known for longevity. Go ahead and add some red carnations to your loved one's bouquet this February 14th. Tell her you noticed ruffles were en vogue this season, and these reminded you of her femininity.


When nothing but the exotic will do for your love interest, it's time for the artistic seduction of the orchid. These rare gems symbolize beauty and love, but because they're such a unique flower, they're also indicative of luxury. Surprisingly, for all their delicate allure, they enjoy a long bloom time whether in a bouquet or a pot. That's one of the reasons they're linked with strength.

She Deserves Something Special

Whether you need flower delivery for Valentine's Day in Aventura, Bal Harbour, Brickell, Hallandale, Hollywood, North Miami Beach, or Sunny Isles Beach we're happy to oblige. Don't let Valentine's Day pass this year without sending that special person in your life a token of your love and appreciation. Sunday, February 14 is just around the corner.

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