Living Artwork with White Roses



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Product Description

This stunning, living art piece is a true testament to contemporary floral arrangements. Imagine this flower arrangement in entranceways to a sweeping staircase. Your eyes move upwards as you take in the white ceramic oval vase with green aspidistra leaves. The arrangement displays three and a half feet tall of white and green beauty, so you will need those strong tables to showcase them.

As your eyes continue upwards, they stop at the glossy green aspidistra leaves that give greenery a new name. Greenery in an arrangement signifies good health and good fortune, married with optimism and renewal. While this living artwork functions well for weddings, it can complement corporate offices, Women’s and Mother’s days as well. 

Between the leaves of the white roses, all one hundred stems are without thorns. These stems are almost straight as nature intended them to be. The varying shades of green to green-brown show the hardiness of these flowers and stems. The glossy green and ivy-colored green invoke the mind to the classics of an era long ago.

The modern oval shape of the vase with the perfectly aligned one hundred white roses, rise to 40 inches, a compact sea of white and green. The logical placement of white at the top and bottom of the arrangement show symmetric and simple beauty, charming you to come closer and wonder at the magnificence of the arrangement.

The white long stem roses, all one hundred of them, are perfection. White flowers, especially white roses represent humility, elegance, and reverence. The roses come only slightly opened so that you can enjoy them for days. The joy these flowers bring for happy occasions, and celebrations, and weddings. Wherever or whenever you want to convey joy, beauty, and pure, unconditional love.

This contemporary arrangement can come with a note. You can be assured that you will get it the same day as you order it, with same-day delivery. Or you can choose a delivery date, specifying year, month, and day.  The arrangement is 24 inches wide by 40 inches tall, by 10 inches long. Get ready to enjoy those celebrations with this floral arrangement.


  • Weight: 650 oz
  • Width: 24 in
  • Depth: 10 in
  • Height: 40 in

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