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Product Description

Do you need a relatively compact arrangement to brighten up a room? There is a floral arrangement for that.

This thicket of bright red rose blossoms will give any place or event the needed color. Red roses are not only the classic among the most classic of flowers, but they are often used to convey passion and love. Their vibrant crimson will definitely bring a touch of passion to your table decorations.

Surrounding the bush of red are shiny green cordyline leaves, neatly folded and peeking demurely out from under the roses. Cordyline has long been a favorite of indoor plants for its hardiness, sheen and graceful tapering shape. This native of the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia brings tropical flair to the botanical combination, contrasting both in color and in tradition.

Perfecting the bouquet is a short cylindrical vase with a wide bottom that makes it safe and easy to place on any flat surface. This won’t get knocked over when the wedding guests start dancing or the dog greets the recipient. The polished bronze that makes up the vase brings out the brilliant colors of the cordyline and roses, as well as bundling them in a lush pattern guests will appreciate.

The 12-inch diameter of the vase fits on most tables. It can create a fine focal point in a dining table at a fancy dinner or contribute to a tiered floral arrangement at a company event. The versatility of the shape is endless.

This arrangement is available to be delivered on a set date or on the same day that you order it. Should you want to add a personalized message to the bouquet, you can order it with a note. The flowers can also be left to speak for themselves if they are intended as decoration rather than as a personal present. Be sure to check out this arrangement when you are in the market for flowers.


  • Weight: 16 oz

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